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Community Weblog - [ Michael Johnson ]

January - Michael Johnson

We are REALLY excited to get back to the business of house concerts in January and to welcome Michael Johnson to the house for the first time.  The reviews all agree that his live shows are great.

Billboard Magazine has this to say about him: 

"A dazzling guitarist and wonderfully expressive singer. No two shows are alike."
Billboard Magazine

". . .Johnson's so-cool approach to vocals and cerebral approach to lyrics are a welcome balance to the overwrought delivery of so many artists."
Billboard Magazine, New York

"Dazzling guitarist" is not an understatement when it describing Michael's abilities.  You can check out his music
here.  Take a look to the bottom and the last 2 CDs = Then & Now - the cut "Happier Days" or on the CD Live at the Bluebird Cafe - Rollercoaster Run or It's My Job.

Michael Johnson  


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