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Community Weblog - [ TESSA 06 ]

10 Ways You Can Stop Violence Against Women


  1. Break the Silence:  Encourage discussion about interpersonal and sexual violence at home, at work and in schools.
  2. Start Prevention Early:  Tell the kids in your life it's NEVER okay to hurt someone.  Teach them about respect and show them how to deal with conflict.
  3. Support Your Local Shelter:  Help TESSA raise the funds necessary to run s services by donating money, personal care items or used cell phones. 
  4. Disappoint An Abuser:  If you witness an incident of domestic violence or sexual violence, report it.  Abusers count on individuals staying silent in order to continue their abuse.
  5. Change The Climate Of Tolerance:  When family members, friends or co-workers make inappropriate remarks and jokes about women, challenge them.
  6. Men - Get In The Movement:  It's important we all recognize this is not just a women's issue.  Men should talk to other men about the importance of treating everyone with respect. 
  7. Volunteer:  Join TESSA's volunteer team and work one-on-one with survivors or help out with a special event.
  8. Familiarize Yourself With Community Resources:  When someone close to you asks for help, you'll be able to share what you've learned and provide a variety of options. 
  9. Stay Informed:  Visit for more information about TESSA's work.
  10. Spread The Word:  Pass these ideas onto others so they can learn about how to stop violence against women.

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