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Community Weblog - [ Mike Dowling ]

Another Guitar Great Here


" I don't play guitar when Dowling's in the band. You don't take the game warden fishing."---- Jethro Burns

Even if we didn't know about Mike, that quote would have turned our heads.  Marc first discovered Mike Dowling during a trip to Elderly Instruments in MI.  His CDs have been a fixture here at the house ever since.  I can't adequately describe his mastery of the guitar and so many different genres, so I'll leave it to the experts.  How could you NOT want to see him here after reading this?!  How about checking out his music here?  Mike is a frequent guest on Prairie Home Companion and runs his own guitar camp up in the mountains of WY.   But wait - there's MORE!

Mike offered to run a guitar workshop here on the Sunday after the concert.  This is an artist that regularly sells out workshops at Jorma Kakounen's Fur Peace Ranch - and you can work with him here at the house!  There are only 2 spaces left for the workshop on Sunday morning.   He is truly a master - and the intimate venue here presents a real treat.

Mike Dowling  


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