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Community Weblog - [ Plan Ahead and Save Money ]

Plan Ahead and Save Money


(I'm really resending because the telephone number on the last email was wrong..  I apologize)

Just a quick reminder to y’all:  It’s cheaper to buy your tickets in advance for the T•E•S•S•A concert than to buy them at the door ($20 in advance, $25 at the door).  Erika won Acoustic Guitar’s Best Independently Produced Album of 2001 for her CD My Little Crime.  Not resting on her laurels, she came right back in late 2002 with her sultry voice, sharp eye for social convention and intricate fingerstyling on The New Orleans Sessions recorded with Grammy winning producer Ethan Allen in the Crescent City.  (The recording sessions were AWESOME – you can even hear the Lucketts squawking in the background of the “bonus track”.)  See for more info.

We are truly looking forward to hearing Joe Uveges’ latest creations.  I’m a bit apprehensive that he’s slid over to the country side of things, but his dog hasn’t died, Kristen is still around AND as far as I can see – he hasn’t succumb to a life of gambling or hard drinking.  But hey, ‘ya never know.

Please get your reservations into:
Attn: Cathy Berdon
320 El Paso Street
Colorado Springs, CO   80903
Tel: 633-1462
Credit cards accepted for this show.



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