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Community Weblog - [ Erika Wrap-up ]

Erika Wrap-up


According to Kevin Henkes in Lily & her purple plastic purse:  ""Wow" that was all that she could say."  What an incredible evening!  Even if Erika wasn't a relative - I would still say that she's incredible.  For the 100th time (though you do flatter me) Marc DID NOT change his name to Luckett, he was always related to Erika!  It was great to see the standing ovation at the end, and almost at half time when she did my personal favorite "Dust". 

Lisa we missed you - Happy Birthday many times over!  What an amazing display of community at the end - people helping us load up the cars - Kent - you 'da bomb!  Blake got up bright and early on Sunday - BEFORE HE LEFT FOR TURKEY ON SUNDAY - to help again with the chairs.  Thanks to you ALL!! 

We met so many new people there at the concert - we hope you'll join us at upcoming shows.  There will be link to a slide show soon.



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