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Community Weblog - [ Grammy Award Nominated Folk Singer... ]

Grammy Award Nominated Folk Singer...

We are truly excited that Eliza Gilkyson will be here at the house in June.  Two of our FHC junkies invited Marc & I to dinner last summer and I was so distracted by the music that I could hardly follow conversations - the artist was Eliza Gilkyson.  Amazon had this insightful  statement in their review of Eliza's latest "Paradise Hotel":   "Her most personal album to date, it features songs that artfully reveal the roots of her progressive patriotism, comment on the direction our world is headed and peel back the thin layers obscuring the heart of what matters in these complex times."

Reviews of Grammy Nominated Land of Milk and Honey:

“Gilkyson's latest gives no quarter with songs as excellent as they are raw and brutal. Her gift is the ability to mask razor-sharp words in deceptively easy melodies and make the expression of personal longing just as devastating.” (4 stars) - Austin Chronicle 2004

“Gilkyson doesn't pull any punches. She graces the music with her lush and passionate voice; a dark and lonely sound, hope and satisfaction, and edgy lyrics with piercing imagery round out the whole.” - NY Times

The music that so distracted me was from Paradise Hotel, her latest.  Check it out here and pay special attention to "Man of God", "Jedidiah 1777" and "Requiem".  The last song was written for the victims of the Tsunami, but is applicable (even more?) to Hurrican Katrina's vicitims.  Enjoy...

Eliza Gilkyson  


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