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Community Weblog - [ Closing out 2006 ]

Closing out 2006

"Williams plays with the precision of a classically trained musician and the soul of a barroom brawler."   (The Enterprise)

In my mind - this quote says it all.   All of us here at FHC are ready for the last concert of the season.   Yes, after this Saturday, you won't see us until 2007.  (Try not to cry too much!)   It looks like this is going to be a concert on the smaller size, so grab a friend and bring them along.   (Please call us first so we can make sure that we have enough chairs.)  There are people calling in from all over Colorado to get seats for the evening, so Brooks has quite a loyal following.  We've been working out the details of the concert directly with Brooks and we think that you will really like this guy.

Enjoying the blues with us here at the house is an EXCELLENT way to de-stress ahed of next week's Thanksgiving events!

Brooks Williams  


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