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Community Weblog - [ Catie Curtis - Folk Diva - HERE at FHC ]

Catie Curtis - Folk Diva - HERE at FHC

Last, but certainly not least - the stars are aligned for us these days!  We are in for quite a treat in November HERE AT THE HOUSE.  Yes - the woman that The New Yorker calls a "folk-rock goddess" is going to play here at the house.  Catie Curtis' agent called and asked if we were interested - and boy are we!
OK - so we pulled some strings, but Catie is going to be here in November.  For those of you not familiar with her, check out SRO Catie Curtis page.  We have not signed the contract yet, but expect to see it here early next week.  Don't miss this one - it's another one of those one of a kind evenings.  Almost no one sees Catie in smaller intimate venues anymore...

Catie Curtis  


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