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Community Weblog - [ Thank You! ]

Thank You!


Thanks to you ALL who supported our 2 sold out shows in 8 days.  Marc & I are not planning on doing that again anytime soon...  Luckily for us, the second show with Zoe was one of the easiest groups of musicians to get along with.  They helped set up chairs and clean up, not to mention that they were all phenomenal musicians in their own right.

Zoe was (as usual) a band in a body, but then to have Mannheim Steamroller's woodwinds player AND 2 incredibly talents side musicians?!  Julie Wolf who sat in on a couple of shows is currently touring w/ Dar Williams and just popped in to see her sister.  The good news there is that she's going to put together another 2 shows for our 2006 season, big names, but I want to see her on the bill too.  What a great evening!  Good thing, because Willy put on such an unforgettable show the week before that I wouldn't have wanted to come in after him.  Willy wrote something in our book about bail money & hookers, but DID say that he wants to come back.  He's certainly welcome here...

Matt & Sarah were there to capture the Zoe concert in pictures - THANK YOU!!  Here are the pix:  

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