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Community Weblog - [ Hat's off to the CS Indy! ]

Hat's off to the CS Indy!


Wow - thanks to the CS Independent for their review this week of Erika's newest release "Unexpected"!  This is the first critic's review of her music that really gets it.  Aaron was right on when he wrote: 

"Crisp, enticing vocals, exceptionally adept guitar work, an intriguing sensibility of Latin flavor and poetic lyricism that thrives on simplicity are staples of Luckett's most recent work. Identifying her talent is simple; identifying her style is a thorny issue of deconstruction, which is boring and pointless..."

Erika also garnered the cover of Pure Music this month, Issue 51.  MORE IMPORTANTLY - HERE are links to the new songs, so you can hear some of the clips that we've been raving about. 

And... you need to contact us at 329-1644 if you're coming out, we would have sold out long ago if this were at the house.  When you make out checks - PLEASE make them out to Erika Luckett.  



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