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Community Weblog - [ No Promises.... ]

No Promises....


Remembering that this wonderful series is a community effort - I come to you with my most recent dilemna.  Nothing firm yet, but in the wake of the Willy Porter concert - I felt that I needed to do something for Marc and Jorma Kaukonen is one of his all time favorites. appears that there MIGHT be a chance to get legends Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady here.  (Yes - that would be 2 Rock & Roll Hall of Famers [Jefferson Airplane?!] right here at the house.)  The question is - could we draw the necessary $80 a seat to cover them here at the house - 100 seats, or should we look for $40 at an outside venue?  It's your call my friends!  Acoustic Hot Tuna anyone? 

Please let me hear from you in the next couple of days on this on.  We have to make a decision...

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  • No can do. Sorry. S&C
    - [name not provided]
  • For sure can't do $80 and $40 would be a bit out of our range as well. Sorry.
    - [name not provided]
  • WoW! Would that be worth $80.00? Heck, yes! But, can we all afford the $160.0...more
    - [jimmy]

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