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A Quick Question...


Hey... would y├íll be up for a $35 concert here with Colin Hay?   Who is he you ask?   Think back to the early 80s... I know you're folkies, but think about pop music, think about:  MEN AT WORK!!!  Yes, Colin was the lead singer there, and a friend of ours saw him recently in Denver and said that this was a "must have" concert.   VERY entertaining...

Colin doesn't normally do this sort of thing, but his LA agent said that for about $35 a head, we can get him here.   I think that it would be ANOTHER wonderful evening.

(We want to do this partly because my daughters want to see him so badly.   YES, 80s popstars are now popular with her generation!   Colin has 3 songs on the latest Scrubs (TV program) album...  But - it's more expensive than our recent shows, so we wanted to check with you first...)

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  • I would like to see this concert very much.
    - [name not provided]
  • It looks like this will happen - look for an early May or a July concert... Yea...more
    - [Whitney Luckett]

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