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Community Weblog - [ Don't Discount Ms. Zoe! ]

Don't Discount Ms. Zoe!


Brian is the known commodity here - but we predict that Zoe will be the surprise hit of the evening.  Zoe's energy is infectious.  I remember standing talking to her one moment in a Seattle park and then staring at her hanging upside down in a tree the next.  Her voice is most likely her most phenomenal asset:  crystalline clear and delivered effortlessly.  Marc & I are going up to Lyons this Sunday just to see her on the main stage there.  She & Brian were co-winners of the RMFF songwriting competition last year - so don't despair if you can't make it over to Lyons.  Friends House Concerts is MUCH closer and the parking isn't such a problem.  Check out Zoe's CDs here and join us in August.  She released her latest CD this month - so those who have heard her will get a slug of new music as well.

You'll thank us at the end of the evening...  Join us for the final concert of the summer - and look forward to school starting next week!

Zoe Lewis  


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