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Another Coup


We successfully booked Willy Porter here this Fall.  We’re sure that the pressure from fans here is what finally threw it over the edge.  Willy’s guitar playing is “awesome wicked man” (oops… I guess I was in Hawaii a bit too long, huh?)  There is one caveat my friends, in order to keep bring y’all such good shows, we need to make sure that we have good showing across the board.  We’ll see you here soon, ja? 

Despite this town's tendency towards last minute reservations, the September show for Christine Lavin is almost 50% sold out at this point.  We actually arrived home from vacation to find 6 messages about her concert alone.  Many of the checks received are not normal house concert goers.  If you have ANY interest in Christine – you really should get your check in pronto.  This could very well be the best concert of the season – she is without a doubt the most famous of our 2005 artists.   I've never been up close & personal with someone who Lincoln Center commissioned to compose and debut music.  Don’t’ get shut out of this one - remember seats are limited.

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