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You may never have heard about Girlyman, but you won't want to miss them.  Everytime that we have artists through, we ask them for their recommendations on artists for future house concerts.  Several people along the way (Catie Curtis, Zoe Lewis, and Julie Wolf among others) have recommended a trio called Girlyman.  They're a unique blend of voices and talents and after over a year of negotiations, we're looking forward to hosting them here in late June.  Girlyman toured with the Indigo Girls last year and was a finalist for the 2007 Independent Music Awars in the Folk Singer / Songwriter category.  You can click here to get a sense of their full harmonies & playful vibes.  In the news section of their website, there is a link to a podcast from the Indigo girls concerts...

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Correct Date?3/29/2008 10:24:43 AM
Mark Pluimer
In an article below - Sunday, June 29th...4/11/2008 1:02:25 PM
Whitney Luckett
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