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A Coup For Folk Festival Fans

We REALLY wanted to take July & August off, but fans of the Lyons Folk Festival will be happy to know that we're not going to do that.  After the festival this year, you can continue to bask in the afterglow of great folk music here at Friends House Concerts.  We have secured the co-winners of the festival's 2003 songwriting contest for a joint gig here in August.
Brian Joseph will be making his third appearance here and probably needs no introduction to y'all.  Even though he's a friend, I'm still amazed at the connection that he forms almost immediately with audiences.  For those of you new to this Los Angeles based modern troubadour, check him out on his website here.  Just last week someone was telling me that they can't get that fish taco song aka "We're gonna laugh" out of their head...
Zoe Lewis is new to Friends House Concerts, but we met here at an extended wedding weekend several years ago.  Picture singing and music around a bonfire until the wee hours of the morning with Ani deFranco, the Wolf sisters, Erika, Catie Curtis & Zoe.  Let me tell you - Zoe has more personality than can be contained in one person.  CD Baby has this to say about her: "Practically a one-woman band, an energetic, edgy, multi-instrumentalist who has traveled the globe and picked up a vast mixture of musical influences: a touch of Ireland in her tin whistling; a little New Orleans in her piano playing; even hints of Latin America in many of her tunes. A troubadour, a Vaudevillian, a storyteller and an inspired performer."  They are dead on.  The range of her musical styles is vast, but it's her voice that really gets me.  Check Zoe out on this page with MP3s on it.
Zoe Lewis & Brian Joseph
Date:  Saturday, August 21, 2004
Time:  7:30 PM
Place:  730 Polaris Drive
Contact:  329-1644 or 227-8648
Artist Donation:  $15 to Friends House Concerts, PO Box 38943, COS, CO   80937

Zoe Lewis  
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