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Community & Willy Porter Pictures

As we close out the year here, we just want to say thanks to those of you who come together to form the community around Friends House Concerts.  It's been another great year with you and we appreciate all the support that you've given this year.   We're trying to figure out something for the 50th concert next year and believe me, we're shooting for the moon!

I think that my dad once said that he who dies with the best stories wins...  And where do those stories come from?  They come from community.  From the bonds that we form with people at work, at church  at play, or from our children's school.  There are so many unique & talented people that make up our community here at FHC. 

Speaking of community -
here is a bunch of shots from the night of the Willy Porter concert.  Wait until you have some time to look at these... almost 70 photos from evening!
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A MAJOR thanks Wendy Pearce Nelson who donated her services for the night, even when she was backed up at work just returning from her honeymoon!  We were struck by how accurately she captured the mood of the evening and humbly thank her for her addition to the community here...  You should think about her for any photos you need taken.

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