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CD Release Concert


The details are finally set!  Join us in March for Erika's CD release party at The Warehouse.  We're a bit biased here - but we all predict that you will love the latest CD "Unexpected".  Talk about the stars coming together... the picture above was recently the home page of Taylor Guitars - complete with Erika's picture front & center.

OH... Donald Fagen of Steely Dan fame was sitting in on one of Erika's recent concerts in Hawaii - and his agent called the next morning asking if she wanted to come over and play on his new Brazillian album... They keep telling me that Kauai is magical, but this is ridiculous.   

One of the highlights of the new CD is Erika's the rich tapestry of Erika's lyrics - like the following from the title song "Unexpected" written right here in Colorado Springs "You came so unexpected, turned up when I least suspected. You're the flat round stone that skipped across my smooth surface, making me want what I don't know I missed..."  Hot...  As this is the CD release tour, we don't have a link to the newest songs, but check out CD Baby for Erika's last 3 solo CDs.

Join us for a memorable evening in a new venue we're excited about.

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