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Christine Lavin HERE at the House

Anyone who’s followed the folk music scene long enough recognizes Christine Lavin – either from her voice blending perfectly with Dave Van Ronk’s through the years or as a founding member of “The Four Bitchin’Babes” or from her WFUV Sunday morning show or even from her own solo career.  Back in New York we failed to win a private house concert in a WFUV on-line auction, but patience eventually pays off.  It’s almost impossible to express the extent of Christine’s impact on up and coming artists over the years - her website says it all. 
This quintessential New Yorker will bring her very special blend of wry social commentary & music to Friends House Concerts in late September. 
In a bit of a twist – Christine has asked us to invite y’all for a knitting circle about an hour prior to the show.  What a great way to connect immediately to a community!  Those of you craving a once in a lifetime experience – join us for the knitting circle about 6 PM.  (Gees… now I have to start a REAL knitting project…)  Pick any of the albums here for a listen....

Christine Lavin  
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