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Cooling Down The Concerts


We were reminded at the last concert (still with the temperatures in the 70's) that the house can heat up really quickly when you add 100 people to it.  As you have no doubt noticed, we don't have air conditioning and wouldn't really need it except for concerts. 

If anyone out there has a good solution - let us know. We are trying to problem solve this and a swamp cooler seems like a good idea.  Because of the openess of the space, we need a fairly big one.  We've located one on-line that might work.   At this point, if we can get friends to chip in for at least 1/2 of the $850 unit, Marc & I will pay for the balance.  A check made out to the Luckett's would be great to help us out on this.  We won't cash any checks until we have the full 50% in hand.

Speaking of global warming, did anyone see the trailer to An Inconvenient Truth?   It's certainly thought provoking - and making me think that we need the swamp cooler all the more...

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